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tv   [untitled]    March 7, 2011 7:00am-7:30am EST

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communicate with. test yourself and become free to. see what nature can give you only see. the problem here and it being god is that some reporters became not only part of the story but in its main shopping the course with our correspondent luke in libya discovers how journalists there are throwing fuel on the fire stoking the conflict just to get striking headlines. as gadhafi is more and half those are locked in key experts warn of the legacy of using frozen assets as a long term political tool. young italians look to inject fresh blood into the country's leadership but some fear it could be leading to the nationalistic far right.
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it's three pm in moscow i'm not tresor good to have you with us here on r t our top story fighting as intensified in several key cities in libya as provocative forces strike during game control anti-government forces say they need to greet need to regroup and bring in artillery for their plan advance on the capital tripoli yes already these are accusing rioters of using civilians as human shields when they come under attack from procacci forces one of libya's former prime ministers has appeared on state television calling for national unity in the face of possible foreign intervention international media say the country's on the brink of civil war and that the number of victims is heading towards the thousands but as our he's our son avoid reports the majority of journalists may have been exaggerating the reality. of war in comprehensible as it sounds it's present in any conflict just days ago these parents feared for their children . lives today they're taking their pictures in front of the tanks they desire to be
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captured laughing in the face of danger is even stronger in the journalists and the conflict in libya is providing a perfect setting for a moment gadhafi is striking back there we're hearing reports of warplanes bombing opposition camps in eastern libya forces loyal to libyan leader moammar gadhafi appeared to be advancing east into areas held by his opponents on t.v. screens have been ghazi may look like the center of the rebel resistance but in reality it's more like a seaside resort than a conflict zone who told the food cooked with journalists and presidents go about their daily lives here boys are looking for new things to play with toy guns are in ample supply some reports sent from bin ghazi referred to fifty treason in eastern libya as war another conflict zone where rebels are engaged in sporadic and are slated pitched battles with progress after forces but an all out war no i don't
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have any fear life is going on and usually it's ok you know one research was one of the first reporters to arrive in benghazi for several days she's been traveling with the rebels about two hundred kilometers west of the city at some point the pro-government forces opened fire at her crew a focal point of her report and there is a war going on where the real like it or not there is that there is a frontline you know and there are people with guns and there are two sides fighting here's channels know that gunfire and explosions make for strong t.v. but they also can help to blow things out of proportion of the journalists and leave people to report freely from tripoli and all the good of the controlled parts of libya son can find themselves sucked in by the rebel side of the story their goals are just opening up to journalists just love them and. just whenever they take one city we go with them and then we go into into the i. city but reporters
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need rebels to hear in the opposition's press center and ghazi internet access is under strict and the coffee available twenty four hours the message is on the wall and sometimes finds its way into reports gadhafi put a prize in each of the steps so we are really in danger. because we don't trust the driver so we have to be within the horsemeat circle so you as a human being you tell me how could you be i mean exactly but here is human rights with rebels professing their readiness to fight could after his regime to the bitter end no wonder news reports a caring predictions of it and then civil war yet as the rebels inability to mount a fully fledged defensive becomes more apparent so is the unbalanced nature of the cover each medium called gadhafi delusional but in their assessment of the band's lead they don't show
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a full grasp of history either. many people think that being at work or respond to takes a lot of courage and hard work but actually. it's much easier and fun more enjoyable than routine journalistic assignments especially when they were sitting sideways so accommodating the problem here in gaza is that some reporters became not only part of the story but in its main driving force and instead of hoping that the confrontation then brought show a good bit of courage it almost a calling for it sort of like art see the get. an opinion journalist keith harmon snow says global media reports from one fundamental thing and that's the evidence of an all embracing conflict recently seen a government force. a weapons deal in the mideast one of the cities where things people had already been taken over by the rebels and. was
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a government weapons depot to begin with the rebels took it over to get out of it then of course he was the enemy and he was a dictator and he's a terrorist if canadian forces marched into washington d.c. and took over the pentagon and we responded nobody would call the american government a terrorist government for protecting our own interests but that's what we're seeing here with me and some of these so-called bombings it's very interesting that there's very little in the presence of pictures of actual you know butlins another theme in the reporting that i read today was this idea that people in washington are. conversing with governments in europe about what to do about this rogue state libya and that and the need for humanitarian aid instead of military intervention well the military intervention has already occurred by that i mean special forces have been on the ground in libya before february twenty sixth laying the ground for what's going on there now they're all over the place there's navy seals coming in from the mediterranean and there's special forces coming in from the here on the
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other side where the u.s. has special forces training and has been openly advertised in american military journals. world affairs expert steven cohen says what's going on in libya won't necessarily bring about democracy we'll hear some of what he's got to say in the next hour when a new york university academic talks with r.t. . the united states has intervened militarily and so many countries in my lifetime very were and were as it worked out for the american intervention. discredits the alternative to the tyranny of its being overthrown because it would appear as the pirate was a war through with the backing of the united states in the force of the very very best thing we were. going to do shouldn't be what we're seeing in egypt going in there because. it's not true these are pro-democracy movements sure these are.
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despotic movements they want to get rid of the dictator but getting rid of a dictator and going to the country doesn't necessarily could democracy that's a process. the libyan government is reportedly running out of cash with the account of colonel moammar gadhafi and his inner circle being frozen around the world u.n. security council's unanimously ordered a travel and asset ban on the libyan leader's regime lauren lyster looks at how these resources abroad might be used. but as the violence continues in libya the u.s. sends warships and more troops in that direction fueling speculation of a military intervention and meanwhile western countries may have already launched a war against colonel moammar gadhafi as north african regime. could secure the freezing over their asses. of.
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the weapons here the foreign assets of either libya the country or could off he and his family that some estimate to be almost one hundred billion dollars it's believed to be spread across the globe oriel money invested through the country's sovereign wealth fund everything from a stake in the company that owns the financial times newspaper to land near the spanish resort town of marble being developed into homes and a golf course to the oil company beer annex and billions of dollars of cash in banks the route europe and the u.s. the question now is what happens to all this money especially the thirty billion dollars the united states has frozen the most ever in the history of this country and this type of situation it essentially cuts libya off from the entire u.s. banking system for now it stays put well the situation is still uncertain but what is certain the president of the united states is now in control of this money which gives him a powerful tool book. deal about this money you are sort of this money.
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you have to go forward whatever the. port is trying to accomplish. things it's all a belt control and profit. and empire it's an empire where the greatest profits come from the military contracts on the oil contracts so they were. will work overtime those corporations are interest to enact these same sions the u.s. president declared the situation in libya quote an unusual and extraordinary threat to u.s. national security and foreign policy that's not typical considering there is not a clear aggressive action libya has taken against the u.s. as for libya's financial interests analysts say you could look at the history of countries such as iran their assets were frozen in the wake of the one nine hundred
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seventy nine hostage crisis their money that was seized from iran back in one hundred seventy nine has still you know not been returned to the iranians so it's basically time for a plunder play you know if we can take it away from them we will the money is used most often to pay for the settlement of a lawsuit against a leader or a government or to recoup losses khadafi can likely has the money could buy we took their nuclear capacity away made promises didn't live up to them claim that was a great victory for peace and now we're in a situation where it's clear that oil is at stake the future of the massive sums of money reach for libyan oil is now it's uncertain it's a divided country it came from loring mr r.t. new york. stick with us here on our case still to come the name of the night a moscow nightclub throws a party title back to russia's prime minister but a lot of here is not exactly flattered at being the face of your very last. review
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of the moscow's rooftop to see what one of the city's highest flying women is up to . first though it looks like italy's decision makers need to watch their backs with more italians shifting their support to find new people to kick start their country but it could mean a worrying lurch to the far right has nothing stevens reports from rome. italy's dolci the time is turning bitter unemployment is a near record high and analysts believe much needed economic growth might still be years away moreover fresh scandals engulfing prime minister berlusconi are being reported on a daily basis fuelling italians traditional distrust of politicians bad news yes but not for everyone grassroots political movements rather than parties cashing in on this grim state of affairs among them neofascist ones you know this is really
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cause a pound is about our plan to take everything this is this we you know quarter the multicultural multiethnic parts of the bustling community of asian middle east and north african residents living side by side but here in this six story building sense the headquarters this is most prominent the fast growing radical right. that's the power. named after a u.s. poet as a pound and unwavering supporter of more sunnies fascist regime this building sounds is seventy of the movement's members the walls are covered with the names and posters of their heroes including some surprisingly taken from the leftist media such as che guevara because a pound support has grown and on side the unemployment rate a staggering twenty nine percent of his hand in youth the currently without a job he was young well of italy is a country of all people it is hard for the young to find a job or make their voices heard we're not only
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a generation deprived of our future but also of our present. because the fans present with its brand of revamped third millennium fascism as its members shamelessly put it is one of rapid growth in direct contrast to the country's economy. through its intense agenda of discussion forums here splitting rock concerts and squat actions the movement is on the up a notch. up a recent membership campaign gathered over two thousand five hundred paying supporters on just that they knew this is an association of free men and women of every social class and age we believe that fascism was a grand period in italy's past one of cultural inartistic splendor we can't put a label ourselves as fascists we are witnessing the end of the political parties rule movements such as this one will prevail against them but members also claim there are an anti racist anti discrimination movement are they just playing the political correctness game some fear this might be the case also because the pound
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is again gers phenomenon i received a threat over the phone when i opposed public funding to a concert they organized here in rome they say me some intimidating lyrics of one of their band songs then hung up the movements members deny any wrongdoing and came the media and left us politicians and misrepresenting the disconnect between lawmakers in the electorate in italy is growing with an opposition virtually dominated by anti business when your rhetoric and the shattered ruling coalition seemingly more focused on its leaders legal issues than on the country's fate for some here even mussolini a dead dictator seems to be more appealing matthew stevens rome for r.t. later this hour across people power in the face of deep economic cuts as thousands of americans continue their third week of rallies outside the wisconsin state capitol parallels gas whether cutting back union rights would really make
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a difference. for people fighting for their rights here i mean americans fighting hard enough for a universal human right collective bargaining. yeah and you know i think i think americans have stopped buying this argument that it's that it's the unions you know republicans have successfully over the last thirty or forty years up until now said you know it's the unions fault you know they're making fifty sixty thousand dollars a year you're making thirty to forty and it's their fault that you're not making more money people have stopped buying that you know we are spending too much money on things like defense we haven't raised taxes to pay for the things that we're supposed to pay for taxes is like it's like the third rail in american politics right next to social security when a republican is going to say ok not only do we have a spending problem we have a revenue problem. when it comes to branding and events and drawing crowds of young people politicians names usually don't top the list but a moscow nightclub successfully hosted
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a party but the prime minister's office is less than happy about it even though the club's owners say it was their customer's choice of tribute or t. sorry for what a long. i think. that they think. it's a by now although. it's exactly this type of. possibility of legal. mr prime minister himself and all of us working with him we are trying to be very careful about not letting his name being used in proper proper stance. he himself is favoring the cases where his name is used for promotion over healthier way of living for promotion let's say eight children for promoting whatever useful
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but certainly i mean using his name for promoting a party in a private club in my opinion is. the theme of the party was the. name of the prime minister was chosen by the public surpassing the names of should go to swell as. this is not a commercial we knew might be controversial but we decided to throw it anyway. because they're only saying that they. didn't like nothing new the prime minister oh i think it's a really good idea. i think if you could go back to washington. tension i'd be making a ton of money because that's part of. the i think
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a lot of. the strong. countries i had. the great. the private is. appropriate when. a lot of it. i find all this and much more online at r.t. dot com here's what's online for you right now the tasty informational way of bidding farewell to the winter russian style learn about them oscillates a holy week. and discover the slavic version of the grandmother for certain evil one misbehaving kids the other frightening fairy tale is headed for the big screen right out nor any arts section of argy dot com.
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it's that time of year for a select group of people to get up high end get dirty for the chimney sweeps of moscow it's a busy time but what's more you can forget the stereotypes of it only being men with rooms on the city's skyline as artie's tom gardner reports it's not just the guys who are doing the dirty work. it's snowy and cold up on this moscow roof but this team here to remove snow they're interested in the chimney sort of the primary this is a very old to think we don't even know if it's possible to. sometimes ten chimneys . apart from the love of grooves galina is also unusual in being moscow's only female chimney sweep she runs the company the art of the chimney sweep cleaning city stacks all over the capital including some rather special ones rearward.
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we've worked inside the kremlin similar mansions in all chechens i love my profession because i get to see very interesting cases others don't get a lot of the email stuff make covers for chimney pots and consult billion of some of moscow's especially complicated flues they say they're full of respect for the bulbs. you smuggle. she does a great job managing the team and dealing with our heavy workload especially as this work is usually considered only for men thanks believe me you still have a male business partner but he didn't like the technical nature of the job and left her years of experience no make a specialist in her field which humour's with men to get at the heart of physical work women are better at ministration and coming up with creative solutions everyone knows our brains work differently for example women can concentrate on many things at once. she's also very proud of her work establishing a guild with other chimney cleaning companies she even tells us some of the
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folklore surrounding chimney sweeps widely believed to be good luck. again called a foul once in a manner ten very much she knew fireplace or chimney she just wanted to see and touch a real chimney sweeper good luck for somewhat going abroad is beneath them to others it goes right over their head for her when she's up here is on top of the world from martin are three nights ago. turns out of some other stories making headlines across the globe lava is once again flowing from one of the world's most active volcanoes mt kill a way in hawaii is fired molten rock in one thousand meters into the sky scientists say the heightened activity was spotted shortly after a crater four collapsed no homes are under threat the volcano has been in constant eruption since one thousand nine hundred three. northern chile has been struck by a six point two magnitude quake sending shock among local residents although no injuries are reported yet presenter was in
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a rural area near the border with grew emergency crews say the damage is minimal the areas endured frequent tremors the country's also still recovering from twenty tens of massive earthquake that killed more than five hundred people. and the shuttle discovery has undocked from the international space station and started her final journey home earlier the crew said their goodbyes to the colleagues on the i assess and now the earth orbit the earth in discovery one last time taking the few photos along the way the world's most traveled space ship is on wednesday and dimitri medvedev goes up next with a business update stay with us here on our city. hello and welcome to the business news on oil prices are keeping last week's pace of fighting in libya rages on with concerns the rest will spread to other nearby oil producing countries brant crude as it is currently trading at around one hundred eighteen just below that ten cents below that about that's wild obviously i like
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sweet crude is that one hundred six dollars a barrel but investment bankers say the price is high and the real production costs . for. many ways is a profit from what is my concern the long term price is determined normally by the long term much of the action which took on the first committed on the heating bill was a battle and probably worth rises much higher there's all that is sort of premium embedded in the world price from the fact that there's a lot of with the stability that around the world are not fundamentally you know the shows. the bell is about the right margin production goals in the world and that's the sort of where with respect to be floating around the world to. russia's gas problem has become one of the world's top ten companies to gain from the recent well price hike citi group has calculated that every ten dollar rise in crude prices results in a ten percent rise in gas pumps to share the rating is taught by canadian natural
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resource corporations and it's jumped by one. rising oil prices have been strengthening the ruble the russian currency has jumped almost eight percent to the dollar and roughly five percent of the euro since the beginning of the year because from think the capital predicts the ruble could strengthen further in the coming months. we have good prices spike due to all these. and we also should take into consideration their every ten bucks increase in oil translates into forty billion dollars. from the current account so the first quarter likely to be bullish for there will be i think that there will. at least until the end of march and probably. going to have the markets european stocks are up this hour the footsie has indeed recovered
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from the losses so has the back to the first three quarters of a percent the u.k. index is helped by strong results from the roof while some like communications for inmarsat drop sharply after reporting at twenty ten results mining stocks are mostly. in terms of data resources are down here in russia the markets are closed for a public holiday for spanish than last trading session in the black most of the blue chips were in the end of the week including the t.v. they were strong one point two percent. russian government is planning to set up a ten billion dollar investment plan to help better attract foreign investment into the country or to say bad international financial drug goldman sachs has been informally ostergaard the project last year foreign investment amounted to almost one hundred ten billion dollars with key focus on manufacturing retail and natural resources. russia has been ranked of fifty nine in the list of the world's most
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competitive countries in terms of tourism the report compiled by the world economic forum took into account the environment and infrastructure and natural resources of one hundred thirty nine countries switzerland tops the list with germany in second place followed by grants russia got relatively high marks for its natural resources and culture but has yet to improve for a number of aspects such as security and environment protection will be back in the less than one hour's time with an update their lives are next with map because they were that's the. beginning of the.
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radioactive materials all over somebody's backyard she got a problem. culture is that so much i know which of course is right on it's called them so here's a joint bottlings over collective bargaining puts america's democracy potentials in the line of fire but is this move the red tape rolled back. cool. in india policies available in the grand central shares in them buying the taj mahal in the us i'm buying so much president i'm buying the shores of fame which results from on a beach resort look close a good go and taj mahal hotel charges the same rent hotel two large thomas hotel. the meridian the lena.


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